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We are the leaders in the construction industry

We are the leaders in the construction industry

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General Home Improvements

A Classic Roofing is a company with various skills. Some of the home improvements we provide are:

Window Replacement, Flooring, Interior and exterior painting, Dry wall repair, Bath room remodeling, Siding, Gutters and downspouts, Brick and stucco repairs, Outdoor kitchens, Decks and Patios.

In General almost anything UNDER THE ROOF.


Roof Condition Evaluation Surveys and Testing

A Classic Roofing will survey roofs to determine the existing condition and recommend options for repairs or roof replacement and can assist the client with a good faith cost estimate for budget considerations.

We Conduct both destructive and non-destructive testing:
▪ Roof Moisture surveys (determine if moisture is present within in the system) and to locate or identify possible water infiltration sources.
▪ Roof Cores use to record the roof construction. Information obtained can assist in determining the number of roofs in place, if moisture is present, existing ‘R’ value.
▪ Laboratory analysis of the roofing sample (used in commercial roofs only).


Insurance Claim Assistance

A Classic Roofing will assist property owners during hail or storm related roof claims. We have developed a professional relationship with most insurance carries throughout the state of Texas and will serve as an advocate for our clients.

Insurance claims can be a nightmare to property owners and take up an enormous amount of time. A Classic can take that portion of the headache from the client and deal with their insurance carrier. Often times hail or storm damage is not visible immediately after the storm. We are prepared to monitor the roof and will provide assistance making the claim with your insurance company.
When hail and storm related weather occurs, it brings out the worst of contractors, they only have their best interest in mind. Many will knock on your door offering to repair your hail or storm related roof damage for ZERO out of pocket expense. This is not only impossible, but illegal! When someone is offering to cover your deductible that becomes a breach of contract with your insurance carrier. It is not only a breach but can also be insurance FRAUD!
You must ask yourself do you want to do business with a company that will CHEAT your insurance company? And if the answer is yes what is to prevent the same contractor from cheating you also! Further, it is also possible this hiding of your deductible, by “sign allowance”, coupon, or any other method, is also likely fraud and a violation of Texas law.

Is this a relationship you want to have?