Why Choose Us

1 A Classic Roofing has been providing Roofing and Roofing related services to our clients for over thirty (30) years.  Our experience encompasses small projects up to several million dollar projects.  Not only have we installed roofs all over the United States we have also been instrumental in reviewing and evaluating each project so we can recommend the best approach for that particular project.

2 Honesty and Integrity are our core values! These values are not found very often in today’s fast paced world of construction and consumer service driven businesses.  We strive to reach the highest degree of honesty and integrity with our customers.  Sometimes this means that a roof replacement is not needed but perhaps repairing isolated areas would be the best for the client and their business.

3 Service after the project has been completed! We are all human and are subject to errors and faults.  At A Classic we believe it is important to step up and take care of the customer when problems or issues occur!  Blame is not easily determined in some cases.  However, A Classic Roofing within reason will work with the client to resolve any issues that arise!

4 We carry Liability Insurance on all of our projects. If bonding or other insurance is needed we can quickly obtain those special requirements!



Our Mission Statement!

First and foremost each job or project is special no matter the size.  Each project has its own set of challenges and issues that must be taken into account prior to commencing work.

As a local, family owned and operated business, we’ve worked hard to raise the bar for quality and professionalism in Texas’s roofing industry. Our dedicated staff genuinely respects your time, your property, and your neighborhood. You’ll notice the difference in everything we do, from our professional appearance and proactive communication to the way we clean-up the worksite daily and follow-up after the job.

It is with this in mind that A Classic Roofing strives for the highest degree of competency and proficiency.  This means implementing Honesty and ensuring Integrity on every project.  In order to sustain these measures A Classic Roofing LLC. will strive to:

  • review the project and specifications thoroughly prior to both signing contracts with the client and commencing work.
  • provide clients with a good written scope of work.
  • establish good communications with the client, this includes having a dedicated person in charge that can assist the client. Clients may always welcome to contact the owners directly!
  • maintain a clean project and ensure a clean project after all work has been completed this includes cleaning the site at the end of each work day!
  • install each system at the highest professional degree possible.
  • provide a fair and equitable price for performing the work agreed upon.


We provide the highest degree of roofing services not only in Central Texas. but throughout the entire state of Texas.  Call A Classic Roofing for more information about residential and commercial roofing as well as remolding, painting, gutters , etc.