Mr. Webster was prompt in returning my call while calling around trying to find help replacing my roof after several storms had damaged it. He was so polite & understanding with me, knowing I was upset and stressing about getting this fixed. He promptly came out and met with me, did an inspection and explained everything better than the insurance company did. Mr. Webster put my mind at ease about trusting someone to get this taken care of. He got my estimate done and was true to his estimate. It was so nice to have a solid price and no surprises at the end. Him and his crew came in and got it done while I was at work. When I came home the only way you could tell they had been here was seeing the beautiful roof! He called later that evening to make sure I was happy and everything was satisfactory. I will definitly recommend and use him again for future projects!! He is truly a credit to the local businessman!!!

The Plonsky’s, member

Mr. Bill Webster is awesome!! I’m sure he could tell that I was nervous and did not know what to expect. He explained things very thoroughly, so that I could understand. He told me what happens and what makes the shingles flap, and why they may or may not have to be replaced. He gave me information about a time frame (based on the age of your home) that you should have your roof checked, prior to seeing any damage, just to prevent any problems down the road. After speaking with me for a while, he went on the roof to check out the flapping shingles. I could hear him walking and banging on the roof. After about 30 minutes he was done. I went back outside and he explained that he had found the missing shingle on the ground and that it was in good shape, so he replaced it on the roof. He said the other shingles were still good as well so he just tacked them down again, and that the sun would cause them to stick again. He said he looked at the rest of my roof and he didn’t see anything that concerned him and that the roof was still in very good shape. As he talked, I was waiting for him to get to the part about the price. He explained a couple of things and then seemed to turn to walk away. So, I said,…so how much do I owe you? He turned and with a smile, he said,…nothing. I was so shocked, for a minute I didn’t know what to say, so I asked again,…what do I give you for your work? Again, he said smiling, we don’t charge for doing an estimate, and tacking the shingles were nothing. He reached in his pocket and gave me a business card. He said, if you look on the back you’ll see we do other work in the home besides roofing, just call me if you need any other kind of work around the house. I was still a bit surprised, so I thought for a second. Then I said, hey, by the way if you have a moment there is something in my home that I’d like you to look at. I took him inside and showed him the joint areas in the ceiling that are cracking as a result of the house settling. We talked about what it would take to repair it, and made tentative plans to have it done very soon. Bill Webster and “A Classic Roofing” has a customer for life!!! I will call them for all my house repairs. And I will certainly recommend him to all my friends and family!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Angie’s List!!

The Booth’s, member

I called for a quote and they came out promptly. He listened to my concerns about the leak and inspected the entirety of the roof, not just the apparent problem area. He thoroughly explained the condition of the chimney and recommended repairs. We agreed to the work and a date for it to be completed. They came back out when promised and performed the work. No surprises, hidden costs, or any nonsense. Have not had any problems since. Very satisfied and would definitely call A Classic again.

The STAMPERs, member